Ulobit live: vikingland series

Experiemental trio Ulobit offers a visual audition at a museum of sea culture about “Vikingland” by Xurxo Chirro, film based on found footage from tapes recorded by a Galician sailor at the North Sea in 1994.

Ulobit are Horacio G (video), Xoan-Xil (electronics) and Ariel Ninas (hurdy-gurdy).

Espazos Sonoros Festival at Museo Massó, Bueu, Galiza, Europe. 29th September


“The De Cuellar Suite” by Ceol na nÓg Orchestra  @ Sligo, Eire. 28/06/2011

Premier of the The De Cuéllar Suite, orchestral piece by composer Michael Rooney played by Ceol na nÓg Orchestra, more than 50 musicians from schools of traditional music in Sligo and Galicia (Escola Livre da MOG de aCentral Folque). Filmed and edited by David Ramos

“Tension on the shore” by Michael Rooney


Zansa Batón @ Contrabajo – Vigo. 15/01/2011

Improvisation with Ricardo Tejero, Javi Carmona, Pablo Pérez and Ariel Ninas.


25_keelt @ Campo de Fóra. Santiago D.C. 17/05/2010

“Hildegaardi Laul” with Pauliine Maasik.


OMEGA @  ImaxinaSons- Vigo. 24/06/2009

Extract of the concert by OMEGA, Orquestra de música Espontánea de Galiza, under conduction by FRed Frith, after 3 days of work for ImaxinaSons, Jazz Festival in the city of Vigo.

Orquestra de Música Espontánea de Galiza. Conducted by Fred Frith

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