Ulobit’s homage to John Cage.

After 100 years of John Cage’s birthday, Ulobit performs this piece at the urban auditorium of Praza do Toural in Santiago de Compostela, Galiza, Europe, in a quiet morning of December 2012.

4’33”, score in three movements “for any instrument or combination of instruments”.

Ulobit wants to homage the author pointing out time, listening and (false) silence as key aspects of music.



web: / Horacio gd: video / Xoan-Xil: field recording / Ariel Ninas: hurdy-gurdy and edit

Improviso off Cultura: dr’nning  Santiago D.C.

Improvisation made for “Off Cultura”, The improvisation goes about the concept “Cidade da Cultura/Cultura da Cidade” (City of Culture/Culure of City) and gets the inpiration from Monte Gaiás and the historic city of Santiago.

Gentalha do Pichel, Santiago de Compostela, Galiza. September 9th 2011.



Homage to Santalices:”Tunning & Tune”

Improvisation for Faustino Santalices at Galician Hurdy-Gurdy concerts.
Ourense. Galiza. February 2011


Telas e papel

Sound performance at Luis Rapela’s opening exhibition of povera art “Fabrics and paper”.
Ferrol, Galiza. May 2010.

Watch full version at: here


De Cuellar Suite. Irish National Radio.

The Clancy Waltz. 27/07/2011

Recording for the  RTE, Radio Television of Eire, (Sligo Co) of an extract of The De Cuéllar Suite, orchestral piece by composer Michael Rooney. Filmed and edited by David Ramos. Sound: RTE radio

Sligo, Ireland, 27th June 2011.

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